England for 7 Days

About a year ago, my cousin, Janette, and I were patiently waiting in an online queue to buy Harry Potter and the Cursed Child tickets. The theatre production is currently in it’s second season at the Palace Theatre in London. It’s a surprisingly affordable show and because the theatre is so small and it’s so popular, it sells out quick. There are two parts (both about 2.5 hours), most choose to see parts 1 and 2 in the same day.

The day of the show arrives and I’m headed to the airport to fly to London. My flight was scheduled to depart at 8:00 and Part 1 wouldn’t start until 14:00. I had plenty of time to make my way to London city centre. I could even grab lunch and a coffee. However, Norwegian Airlines had other plans… There was a ridiculous delay until 11:30 due to an incomplete crew. Not to worry, due to the time difference I could still make it on time if I went straight to the theatre. But Norwegian Airlines lied. We boarded at 11:30, but we didn’t actually depart Madrid until about 13:00. I landed in London just after 14:00, so I missed the start of the play. I was still determined to see what I could of Part 1, so I ran as fast as I could to the theatre. I made good time and I arrived just after intermission. The staff was so kind and helpful, they checked my bag in the clock room and they guided me to my seat during an opportune scene change.

What I saw of Part 1 and all of Part 2 were fantastic. Absolutely magical. But I won’t say anything else.. because I’ve made a promise to #keepthesecrets.

After my exciting journey to London and the magical evening of theatre, I followed Janette and Jonathan back to Cambridge. I spent the next few days enjoying the calmer pace of Cambridge and the company of the cutest babe in all the land. I wish I could give Baby J a few more kisses.

After Cambridge, came Oxford. It’s similar to Cambridge in so many ways. Both are university cities with colleges galore, punting on the river, bookshops and coffeeshops. However, I prefer Cambridge. It could be because in Cambridge I get to see some of my favourite people in the world. But I think a part of it is also the difference in tourism. Both cities have tourists snapping their pics everywhere you turn, but I think Oxford had even more! The amount of people in the little town was completely bonkers. Also, the River Cam (in Cambridge) is way prettier. If you go punting on the River Cam, you see all the beautiful “college backs” and gardens and the “bridge of sighs”. Enough said, Cambridge wins.

At the end of my trip, I went back to London to spend 3 days exploring by myself. As many times as I’ve been to London, I’ve never had time to myself to check out all the museums and little eateries on my list. So that’s basically all I did Sunday through Wednesday. I even met up with an old SNU friend, Kara, as she travels a few countries in Europe. So fun!

My favourite museum is the National Gallery. It had a beautiful collection and it’s location at Trafalgar Square is majestic. Borough Market was so much fun.. and the food is affordable! The best (and most interesting) spot for coffee is The Attendant. It’s a 100-year old public toilet turned coffeeshop. It was lovely kind of strange. Plus, they make a mean three-cheese grilled cheese. Check them out next time you’re in London.

My last evening, I decided to attend another play. I’ve been living under a rock because until last week, I had never seen Wicked. Please don’t think ill of me for that small lapse in judgement.

Needless to say, I loved it. It was beautiful. I teared up a bit during Defying Gravity and I never saw the ending coming. It was excellent.

As always, the journey must come to an end. I had an evening flight back to Madrid, which Norwegian Airlines failed me again with another delay. It wasn’t nearly as bad as my flight to London, but Norwegian is definitely on my “do not fly unless absolutely desperate” list. That list I created specifically for them.

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