Semana Santa

For ten beautiful days at the first of April, my mom and dad paid me a visit. We spent a few days in Madrid, four days in London, and another couple of days back in Madrid.

When they arrived in Madrid’s Barajas Airport, I was standing there waiting for them just beyond the luggage claim area. They both had a big smile, as did I. It was nice to see them after so many months.

I directed them through the airport and towards the train that would take us to the city center and my apartment. We quickly dropped off their bags and went right back out. They were tired from the long flight, but they followed me anyway. I had plans for mom and dad to meet a family that I’ve spent a lot of time with (I spent all last summer with their two daughters and I’m at their house on a weekly basis). We planned to meet over a cup of coffee near the palace, just for an hour or two. The weather was perfect and both parties enjoyed meeting one another.

Afterwards, we had a quick, light lunch and a nap.

On Sunday, I showed off the beautiful plazas, balconies, parks and monuments that are all over Madrid. I was the guide, but the city did all the work.

Monday morning early, we caught a taxi to the airport. We were off to London for 4 whole days! Dad sacrificed some of his hard earned travel points to score us a hotel, it was quite the step up from my standard hostel experience.

When we checked in to the hotel, mom needed a break. So dad and I hit the streets. We decided to walk around the river Thames near St. Paul’s until the evensong started. Once we entered St. Paul’s, we immediately went towards the front of the church to find a seat for evensong. We ended up timing it perfectly because we were seated adjacent to the choir! It was beautiful and a lovely way to start the trip.

The following days included double decker bus rides, Hyde Park, Buckingham Palace, seeing the Eye of London, Westminster Abby, seeing Othello at the Globe Theatre, excellent lunches and dinners. We were very content.

But the day that stood out amongst the others was our day trip to Cambridge. We went to be tourists that punted on the River Cam of course, but we mostly went to meet a little man that at the time was only one month old. Janette and Jonathan have the most precious Baby J. I cried actual tears when I met him. Counting down the days until my next trip to Cambridge (65 days seems like an eternity).

Once we returned to Madrid, we had a few more adventure-filled days. I took my dad to ride bicycles along the river. He was a fan of the “electric” city bicycles (Madrid is hilly, so the extra push comes in handy). We went again to the huge, central park of Madrid called Retiro. We went to an incredible Flamenco show at Casa Patas (expensive, but worth every penny). We did a little shopping (really just mom did a little shopping). I took them to a couple of yummy dinner spots to introduce them to Spanish cuisine. And much more.

As you can see it was a whirlwind. But the whirlwind didn’t quite last long enough.

Bueno, ¡Hasta la próxima!














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